Does time exist?

Cornering physical reality

To us human beings, the physical reality
appears to be made of
The expression "appears to be made of " rather than "is made of " is used here because the words "made-of " are misleading; they suggest and as such may imply that things "are" independent of our human concept of time or not needing our human concept of time to exist!

In the gravimotion world, which is an interpretation of Nature that departs from traditional thinking, matter's very inner-core that is the subatomic particle, is not "made of " inert mass, it is instead "part of reality" (space and time) or "occurs" dynamically!
material objects and non-material phenomenon. We may assert with certainty that material objects as well as non-material phenomenon when physically touched or felt, or seen, or heard by our material human body are real, or exist in the sense of being part of reality.

Conversely our human mental concepts that cannot be sensed physically by our human physical body are not part of reality or do not exist in reality. Note that our human very mental concepts are real entities, as they involve physical (chemical or electrical) signals within our brains. The contents of these very mental concepts though might or might not be coinciding to reality.

Here are physical things that we can perceive and are part of reality.

The stars that we see shining in the night sky, the light of the sun that is burning our skin, material objects that we can touch, the air that we breathe, the motion that is the physical agitation of our legs while walking, gravity that is binding us to the ground, all these that our material human bodies sense physically as just emphasized in bold, are all physical; all are real in the sense of part of reality.

Note that light, motion and gravity that are felt by our human bodies, all three are non-material physical entities as compared to material entities such as material objects and air for instance. These 3 non-material physical entities maybe at the origin of our human belief that non-material time is also an entity that has to be accounted for. And to add to the confusion some people think that motion is not a physical entity, an objection debated in another paragraph below.

How does non-material time, differs from non-material entities that are light, motion and gravity?

A does-time-exist-clock, which hands are question marks! Unlike light, motion and gravity, time does not have and does not involve any physical texture or physical consistency that our human senses of vision or touch could tackle physically.

Because they may run fast or slow with respect to our human idea of time, clocks have no physical connection whatsoever with that human idea of time. And time is not involved either in our (so called) aging that is running on biological processes such as the physical duplication of cells. Let's face it, you and I do not use any time to get old!

Our human body cannot physically perceive any physical sensation coinciding to the idea we have of time and that departs frankly from the physical perceptions we do have of light rays, motion and gravity. Let's face it, lacking any physical texture, even though Richard Feynman suggested that time is something running independently of everything else, time is not something. Time does not exist.

If time is but a human mental illusion, behind time must be a real entity that we human can perceive

Our human concept of time, that coincides to the 24 hours of a day, is derived from the days and nights coinciding to Earth's rotational motion on itself. And our human concept of time, expressed in years, is based on Earth's rotational motion around our Sun.
These rotational motions are or make the real entity which is mimicked by our human clocks and calendars. Time is a human mental byproduct of that physical entity motion. An argument against this interpretation might be the arrow of time. Yet just as there is no way to eradicate any (alleged) past time, once a physical move occurred there is no way to eradicate the occurrence of that move. Arrow of time, and time are both mental byproducts of motion's reality. And replacing time by motion does not put in question science's Entropy.

Motion relativity ... and ... motion reality

Einstein's relativity, which states that motion is relative, infers that motion is elusive and as such that motion is not a physical phenomenon. The definition of speed involving 2 factors foreign to motion (miles / hour) accentuates such feeling. Yet Einstein's motion is relative with respect to a reference or to an observer, and motion being observed mandates motion reality.

Heat is a phenomenon that we human feel with our human skin; the air temperature coincides to the motion of the air molecules; the faster the motion of the air molecules the hotter the air and our feeling of it. Motion relativity and motion reality are not conflicting.

In short, the reality of motion observation that is motion relativity and motion reality are both integral part of reality.

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