Does time exist?

Last update Nov 21 2022
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Cornering reality

In order to qualify as being part of reality a phenomenon has to be real, whether material or not; for example light rays, which have no mass, are real because they may burn our human skin; reality occurs as real entities that we human can actually touch or feel or hear or see with our human body, or through apparatus such as telescopes and microscopes.
Evidently it is also assumed that reality is occurring beyond our human observation and measuring abilities.

Conversely, in gravimotion interpretation of Nature, our human mental concepts that cannot be sensed by our human body are not part of reality or do not exist in reality.
Our human mental activities, namely your thoughts and mine are real entities; they involve real (chemical or electrical) signals within our physical brains. The content of these mental activities though, that is our perception of reality, is not real. As such while our human ideas are real, their contents that is our so-called knowledge even our opinions, may or may not be coinciding to reality.

Here are real things that we can perceive and are part of reality.

The stars that we see shining in the night sky, the light of the sun that is burning our skin, material objects that we can touch, the air that we breathe, a plane motion that we see moving and passing by above us, gravity that is binding us to the ground, all these real entities as emphasized in bold that are sensed by our human bodies, are all real; all are real in the sense of part of reality.

Note that light, motion and gravity that are felt by our human bodies, all three are non-material yet real entities. These 3 non-material but real entities maybe at the origin of our human belief that non-material time is also an entity that has to be accounted for. And to add to the confusion some people think that motion is not a real entity, a thought not shared in gravimotion interpretation of Nature.

How does non-material time differ from non-material entities that are light, motion and gravity?

A does-time-exist-clock, which hands are question marks! Time involves no real texture that our human senses could tackle as we do for light rays, motion and gravity.

Simply because it may run off-time any clock internal motion mechanism has nothing to do with our concept of time. And because our (so called) aging is running on biological processes such as the duplication of cells, you and I aren't consuming any of that concept of time of ours in order to get older!

Richard Feynman suggested that time is something running independently of everything else; the word something per definition means unknown; one may conclude that because unknown and independent of everything else, time is not part of reality.

If time is but a fallacy, a real entity that we humans can perceive must occur behind that fallacy.

Even though widely used, expressions such as "it is 9 oclock" are implying instants happening in no time, which makes no sense; in all logic any time, should it occur, must have a duration.
The time defined as being 24 hours is coinciding to Earth's rotational motion on itself, and the time defined as a year is coinciding to Earth's rotational motion around our Sun.

Time is a human mental concept based on these 2 rotational motions. An argument against this interpretation might be the arrow of time. Yet just as there is no way to eradicate any (alleged) past time, once a move occurred there is no way to eradicate the occurrence of that move.

In the end, whether mechanical, electrical or atomic, the display of any clock is occurring through a motion mechanism set to be in sync with Earth's own revolutions rather than with (our idea) of time.

Motion relativity ... and ... motion reality

Einstein's relativity, which states that motion is relative, infers that motion is elusive and as such that motion is not a real phenomenon. The definition of speed involving 2 factors foreign to motion (miles / hour) accentuates such belief that motion is nonexistent. Yet Einstein's motion is relative with respect to an observer; in gravimotion interpretation of Nature, motion being observed mandates motion real occurrence.

Heat is a phenomenon that we humans are feeling with our human skin; the air temperature coincides to the motion of the air molecules; the faster the motion of the air molecules the hotter the air and the less comfortable we feel. That very uncomfortable feeling of heat is proof motion does occur really.
Motion also occurs as pure motion that does not involve matter; because light has no mass, while travelling between Sun and Earth light is pure motion; and the sun light just as the air temperature may burn our skin.

In short motion relativity that is motion observation and motion reality, rather than being incompatible, are intertwined.

And here is proof that motion takes over our concept of time

Einstein's famous time dilation has been verified experimentally. Two atomic clocks side by side provide the exact same time for months at a time. Yet when one of such 2 clocks is sent flying around the globe, the time it displays when landing has been modified with respect to the clock kept still on the ground. And the time difference, called time dilation, is precisely that predicted by Einstein's mathematics.

Following is an interpretation, which even though evident, has not been mentioned in science prior to November 8 2008, date at which it has first been published here in this site.
Whether it be a grandfather, a mechanical, electric or atomic, a clock is always animated by an internal motion mechanism; atomic clocks are using the vibrations of subatomic particles for their internal motion mechanism.
This writer thinks that the very overall motion of the flying clock that is the motion of the plane is impacting that clock internal motion mechanism; on the other hand, the grounded clock internal motion mechanism remains running at the same rate while at-rest on Earth; once reunified the clocks respective displays are now differing.
This simple clock-overall-motion to clock-internal-motion interaction is the reality that is occurring behind so-called time dilation
Motion and time are both non material, yet while motion is real time is not.

Last and not least ...

As far as science physics is concerned time is an invaluable consideration ... just as mathematics is.
Physics mathematics's ultimate goal is to predict, not to explain; gravimotion's goal is to explain not to predict; somehow these explanations satisfy this mind of mine; I publish them thinking they might please other human minds.

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