Why is EVERYONE convinced that time exist...
when NO ONE can say what it is?

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There are two kinds of human thoughts:
Those that handle the physical that does exist and...
those that handle the non-physical that is fiction that doesn't exist

To us human beings, the physical reality
appears to be made of
The expression "appears to be made of" rather than "is made of" is used here because the words "made-of" and "exist" are misleading; they imply that things are "made of" matter that doesn't need time to "exist"! In the gravimotion world, which is an interpretation of Nature that departs from traditional thinking, matter's very inner-core that is the subatomic particle, doesn't "exist", but "occurs" dynamically instead!
Even though the word "exist" is belittled in gravimotion, the 2 words "exist" and "occur" are used indiscriminately in this page and elsewhere.
material objects and immaterial active phenomenon. We do perceive the reality of objects and active phenomenon through our body senses, and in return we can describe that perception of reality.
An object or an active phenomenon is real or exist on the double condition that we are able to first perceive it then describe it.

By contrast that, which doesn't exist in reality, the non-physical, can only exist in our minds! Evidently we cannot perceive through our body senses that which does not exist in reality, and as a consequence we are unable to describe that, which doesn't exist.
Mental concepts that lack physical collateral cannot be perceived physically. And our inability to describe that which doesn't exist, corroborates that nonexistence.

Here are things that we perceive, along with their description,
and as such which are physical or exist in reality.

Because we can touch them, material objects are physical, and exist in reality. In conjunction with that reality that does exist outside our minds, we make crystal clear mental images of material objects within our minds. And in return we can describe them.

Then in the real world, there is the phenomenon of gravitation; occurring outside our minds, gravitation is a live entity; as such gravitation is physical yet unlike material objects gravitation is non-material.
Even though one cannot touch gravitation as one does material objects, and even though gravitation acts out of immaterial space, because gravitation makes objects fall, gravitation is physical.
Similarly even though one cannot grab them with one's hands, light rays are physical because they have a physical effect, light rays from the sun heat up our skin.
Both gravitation and light rays, even though non material, are physical and do exist or occur in reality because they act on matter; we clearly perceive their respective effects with our body; and in return we are able to concisely describe these effects as just done above.
Our perceptions then our descriptions of gravitation and light rays corroborate their physical existence.

Even though we have no idea what matter, gravitation and light rays are (in reality), and even though our human interpretations of these things are only ideas (concepts and pictures) we know that these ideas do coincide to real things! We can touch matter, gravitation makes an object fall and light from the sun heats our skin.
Both perception and description are needed to be confident that something is real or does exist in reality.

We can neither perceive physically our mental concept of time, nor describe it,
as such time doesn't exist!

A does-time-exist-clock, which hands are question marks! For one, our idea of time doesn't run the clocks that "give" us the "time"! Is that not puzzling? In reality, metal springs or batteries and not time activate clocks.
Ask yourself this question: Why do I believe a clock gives me the time whereas time doesn't run that clock? Time is clearly missing from that specific reality that is a clock!
Then time is neither controlling the time duration of our life that is at the mercy of an accident, nor our aging, which runs on biological processes such as the physical duplication of cells.
Obviously time is not involved in our so-called aging process! Now choose any word, within our human language that implies time, you will find out that time is never involved! Even simultaneity and instantaneity must occur elsewhere than in time as both involve no time!
Besides there has to be a reason or some doubt, for which so many, including you and I, do ask the question:does time exist?

Here is an answer:
There is no physical interaction whatsoever between our concept of time and any physical phenomenon.
As a consequence we cannot perceive physically our concept of time.
And as a consequence again we are unable to describe the alleged entity time.
Time fails both aspects of the double condition that could establish its physical entity.
And that is true in the science of physics too! Richard Feynman, a renowned physicist, suggested that "time runs independently of everything else."
Not connected to anything real, "time" is only a word of our language and "t" only a mathematical symbol in physics.
Time is non physical. Time does not exist in reality!

But then someone told me: if there is no time it must be replaced by something else!

If time is but a human mental illusion, time has to be replaced by a real entity that we can perceive and describe.

Look at the clock made of moving question-marks above; what do you see (or perceive)? You only see motion.
I think time is a mental byproduct of that specific physical entity motion.
An argument given over and over to refute this claim is: "but one cannot deny the arrow of time"! Yet just as there is no way to eradicate any (alledged) past time, once a physical move occurred there is no way to undo that move! Arrow of time, and time are both mental byproducts of motion's reality.
As a matter of fact time is an ancient concept essentially based on the rotational motion of Earth.
And there is scientific evidence that time, should it exist, is secondary to motion. Einstein famous time dilation discovery shows that motion controls time; whether you call it relative speed or not, motion is definitely Nature's main physical actor.
For scientific and physical proof that time does not exist click: Einstein Time Dilation Genius Idea

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