Where Does the Confusion come from?
In this page, to start with, time is considered not to be part of reality.

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Following is a "mental" analysis of our own "mental" concepts.
Why do we believe that time exist?
Where does the confusion come from?

  1. Because our minds deal exclusively with ideas, our minds treat in-distinctively the physical and the non-physical. In reverse our minds find it natural to project back into the real physical world the non-physical concept of time.
    In short, the physical and the non physical are identical, both are ideas within the scope of our thinking. And that is a direct cause of confusion.
  2. Then the physical may also be not material just as time! For instance the phenomenon of gravitation is immaterial, yet it is physical as it moves objects while they are falling.
    Now in addition to the fact that our minds deal with ideas only, these very ideas may coincide to non-material entities that may be either physical as gravitation is, or non-physical as time is.
    In short, the similarity that exists between a non-material phenomenon and our idea of time further confuses the issue.
  3. And light rays are always in motion or dynamic just as our idea of time is. Now our minds have little ways to distinguish what might differentiate the reality of non-material, dynamic phenomenon such as light rays from our own built-in concept of dynamic time.
    In short, the idea we have of a non-material, dynamic yet physical phenomenon such as light has a lot in common with the non-material, dynamic idea we have of time. And down three levels of abstraction (coinciding to this list items 1. 2. and 3.) the similarities persist; the deeper we dig the stronger the confusion between the physical and the non physical!
  4. In spite of our extraordinary power of abstraction, we human are totally ignorant as to the essence of gravitation and of light rays! As such being also ignorant as to the (alleged) essence of time does not present any problem to our thinking process, and in our minds that adds to that physical / non-physical confusion!
  5. Another factor of confusion yet, is the reality of the phenomenon of life. Let's face it we do not know what life is made of either! As such we may be enticed to think the (alleged) essence of time is as real as the (unknown) essence of life; yet that is unlikely though, because the phenomenon of life is definitely intertwined with matter, and our concept of time is not.
Because we totally lack cognizance of the intrinsic structure of real entities such as light rays and gravity, we cannot judge ourselves whether our mental concept of time is fictitious or not!

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