Why am I believing that time exist?

A human mind self analysis

  1. Because my mind deals exclusively with ideas, I treat in-distinctively the physical and the non-physical. As an example supposing time is not a real entity, the idea I have of time is nevertheless part of my mind's interpretation of reality.
    In short, the physical and the non physical are both ideas within the scope of my own thinking. And that is as far as I am concerned a direct cause of confusion.
  2. Then a physical entity may also be not material just as time is! For instance gravity that we do not see is immaterial; yet it is physical as it keeps our human bodies pegged to the ground.
    Now in addition to the fact that my mind deals with ideas only, these very ideas may coincide to non-material entities that may be either physical as gravity is, or non-physical as time may be.
    In short, the similarity that exists between a non-material phenomenon such as gravity and my idea of time further confuses me.
  3. And travelling light rays, which have no mass or are immaterial as gravity is, are just as dynamic as my idea of time is. Now my mind has little ways to distinguish what might differentiate the reality of non-material, dynamic phenomenon such as light rays from my own built-in concept of dynamic time.
    In short, the idea I have of a non-material, dynamic yet physical phenomenon such as light has a lot in common with the non-material, dynamic idea I have of time.
  4. Finally because I am ignorant regarding the essence of gravity and also light rays, the fact that I am ignorant regarding the (alleged) essence of time does not present any problem to my thinking process.
    And down four levels of abstraction (coinciding to this list items 1. 2. 3. and 4.) the similarities persist; the deeper I am digging the stronger my mental confusion between the physical and the non physical!

  5. Another factor of confusion yet, is the reality of the phenomenon of life. Let's face it I do not know what life is made of either! As such I am enticed to think that the (alleged) essence of time is as real as the (unknown) essence of life; yet that is unlikely though, because the phenomenon of life is definitely intertwined with matter, and my concept of time is not.
Yet as shown in this Home Page there is a direct and pragmatic way to lift above ambiguities.
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