Mathematics is used to show time is a mental byproduct of physical events!

Time expressed in terms of physical parameters

Using conventional physics parameters and mathematical operations, one can express time as a function of distance and temperature.
In the following English's decimal comma and point are in use. They coincide in that order respectively to French's decimal point and comma! 4.184 in this page is written 4,184 in France. And 4,184 in this page would be written 4.184 in France.
The Calorie, an old unit of energy, has been redefined as being equivalent to 4.2 Joules. 1 calorie (thermo chemical) = 4.184 joule exactly.
4.184 joule = 1 calorie
The Joule also a unit of energy, itself equivalent to a force multiplied by distance, is defined as 1 Joule = 1 Newton x 1 meter.
4.184 x 1 Newton x 1 meter = 1 calorie(1)
The Newton a unit of force, itself equivalent to the acceleration of matter, is defined as 1 Newton = 1 kilogram of matter accelerated at the rate of 1 meter per second second.
4.184 x 1 Kg x (1 meter/ 1 sec sec) x 1 meter = 1 calorie(2)
But the calorie a unit of heat (heat being a specific form of energy), is defined as being the heat added to one gram of water to raise it from 14.5 to 15,5 degree Celsius.
4.184 x 1 Kg x (1 meter/ 1 sec sec) x 1 meter = 1o Celsius x 1 gram(3)
4.184 x 1000 gram x (1 meter/ 1 sec sec) x 1 meter = 1o Celsius x 1 gram(4)
which can be rewritten:
4,184 gram x (1 meter/ 1 sec sec) x 1 meter = 1o Celsius x 1 gram(5)
Dividing each side by one gram, and multiplying each side by the factor sec x sec:
4,184 x 1 meter x 1 meter = 1o Celsius x 1 sec sec(6)
4,184 (1 meter)2 = 1o Celsius (1 sec)2(7)
To express time in terms of physical parameters, lets take the square root of the whole expression:
1 sec = 65 (1 meter) / square root of 1 degree Celsius(8)
Time can be expressed in terms of two of the seven basic quantities, namely distance and temperature, which are used in physics and which are listed in the next box down below.

In other words, at least one of the 7 fundamental quantities chosen in physics is not fundamental!
And if you are choosing time as I do, then time becomes "scientifically" (that is through physics' own mathematics) a useless mental byproduct.
Mathematically time is not needed, and to make sense of reality you and I might as well make abstraction of time in our interpretation of Nature!

Interestingly enough this coincides to one of physics point of view too!
In physics the arrow of time is justfied through the entropy law.
Entropy, in physics, is based on the alleged degradation of energy, which happens to be nothing else than a transfer of temperature over distance!

No matter what, time is literally torn apart into pieces that are temperature and distance....

The International System of Units

The International System of Units, abbreviated SI, defines the following seven quantities and the specific methods to build up a physical standard for each, called the unit, against which any other quantity of the same type can be compared.
  1. Length (meter)
  2. Mass (kilogram)
  3. Time (second)
  4. Electric current (ampere)
  5. Thermodynamic temperature (Kelvin)
  6. Amount of substance (mole)
  7. Luminous intensity (candela)
These quantities are considered to be the building blocks of physics. They are used to express the laws of physics.
As such it seems strange that one of them, namely "Time" unit 3. could be expressed mathematically as a function of 2 other units, namely unit 1. "Length" and unit 5. "Temperature".

Time is not needed in our human interpretation of Nature!

While time remains essential in our day to day lives, and is also of the essence in the science of physics, time hinders our understanding of Nature.
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