Einstein's Time Twist

How you and me may modify time

Einstein discovered that time can be lengthened or shortened at will; the time given by a clock may be modified simply modifying that clock's overall motion, a phenomenon called "time dilation".

Einstein's prediction made in the early 20th century has been verified experimentally by Hafele and Keating in 1971 and confirmed over and over since.
The experiments consisted of extremely precise atomic clocks, one flying in a plane around the globe and a reference clock kept on the ground; the time differences coincided precisely to Einstein's calculations.

Uncovering "time dilation" hidden reality

Considering any clock is constantly providing a new time, any clock inner mechanism is a mechanism in motion; our human time dilation concept can then be interpreted as the inner motion mechanism of a clock, rather than time, being altered by that clock overall motion. While evident, this interpretation is ignored by physicists.

Physical evidence

The physical experiments are as follows:
  1. A clock on the ground is used as reference for time.
  2. The time given by a clock within a plane in motion with respect to the reference clock, differs from the time given by that reference clock.
In the following I am using the expressions clock inner motion, rather than "time given by a clock", and clock overall motion for the motion of the plane.
The clock's inner motion mechanism, rather than time, is physically altered in accordance with Einstein's time dilation.

Introducing Gravimotion

This page is integral part of gravimotion's interpretation of Nature; gravimotion unveils the elegant simplicity of Nature, which is unity. In gravimotion's interpretation of Nature only one physical entity or more accurrately only one physical occurrence that is motion is at play; in above case, science's very distinct entity of "time" is interpreted as being motion, in effect getting altogether rid of that "very human concept".

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